Emergency Preparedness and Your Business

Weather changes across the country bring about special challenges, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, severe storms and flooding, fires and more. Since a natural disaster can potentially cripple a business, there are some proactive planning steps that can help you keep things organized and operational.

Here are some resources to get your business organized in the event of an emergency:

Develop an Emergency Response Plan – A 10 page document to help Businesses Identify the goals and objectives for the emergency response plan:


Business Emergency Plan Checklist – Here’s a template for documenting business continuity during a crisis:


The five steps in developing a business preparedness program:


America’s PreparAthon has a National Day of Action at the end of April; and here’s where you can get more information to use in your community:


American Red Cross Ready Rating – The American Red Cross Ready Rating program… Continue reading

Office Supplies History: What Do Webcams and Coffee Have in Common?

Although it may seem like webcams have been with us forever, they’ve actually only been on the office supplies’ marketplace for 20 years. It’s almost hard to wrap one’s head around that fact, especially when you consider that they help us do so many things. So in honor of that versatility, we wanted to take a moment to explore their origins:

Believe it or not, webcams have a fairly amusing history. It seems that in 1991, a group of java loving, University of Cambridge students had to share one out of the way coffee pot. Much to their chagrin, it was always running dry at the most inopportune times. So to address the problem, Dr. Paul Jardetzky and Dr. Stafford-Fraser got creative.

They created a webcam and companion software that could be used with the university’s network. Afterward, the camera’s eye was trained onto the community coffee pot. As… Continue reading

Time-Saving Office Organization Tips

Office support staff members are often considered the backbone of an organization. They need to keep things organized, efficient, and available at a moment’s notice. Here are a few time-saving office organization tips that can help you provide quality support services.

Desktop space is at a premium so use it wisely and efficiently. Whether you are in an office or cubicle, always use the vertical space available to you. Keep current project information ready using vertical or hanging file holders. It is much simpler to find an important “hot” file when it is vertically filed in front of you rather than stacked on your desk.

Binders with a clear front cover and spine pocket are great for important training or project information. For a uniform and professional look, purchase either all black or all white binders and use a consistent template for labeling the front and spine. Officeville has a… Continue reading

History of Office Supplies: A Peek at Paper’s Exotic Origins

Reams of paper are one of those office supplies that many people take for granted. We can see why that would happen. After all, paper is readily available and comes in eco-friendly varieties. It wasn’t always such a happy scenario though. Let’s take a look back in time and see how we finally arrived at this point:

Like other contemporary office supplies, paper’s roots may be traced far back into human history. In this case, we need to go as far back as AD 105. According to the fine folks at the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, that’s when the Chinese invented it. At the time, making paper was a laborious affair that involved mallets, cloth, frames, natural dyes and plant materials. The Chinese were quite proficient at it too. They even found natural dyes that would inherently protect their paper from hungry insects.

As the years went on,… Continue reading

Office Supplies Invented by Women: A Look at One Entrepreneur’s Journey

PAP61446 Liquid PaperHave you ever taken a peek inside of your office supply closet and wondered who invented all of the different items spread out before you? We have. So we thought that it might be fun to share the history of one particular item with you in time for National Women Inventors Month.

Out of all of the office supplies on the market today, Liquid Paper has to be one of the most iconic. It was invented by a single mother in Texas who also happened to raise a popular music icon of the 1960s. Yes, we are referring to Bette McMurray Nesmith Graham and her son Michael Nesmith.

She was born into the McMurray family in March of 1924. By the time she reached 21 years of age, she had started a family with Warren Nesmith and launched a secretarial career. Neither her first marriage nor her secretarial endeavors… Continue reading

Green Office Supplies Save the Environment

Looking for green office supplies to use in your office? Here are some simple ways to start. These two ways will save you money and you don’t need to purchase a lot of green office supplies. In fact, if you start with these two suggestions, you only need to purchase a few things.

Purchase paper recycle containers. About a third of the waste we produce is paper and paper products. People are becoming more conscious of this waste and are beginning to recycle paper, and lately the United States generated 45 million tons of paper recovery. That paper can be used in various ways to preserve the environment. We know that 1 ton of recycled paper saves us the equivalent of using 185 gallons of gasoline.

People will recycle if there are specific containers placed near copy machines, mailboxes, and around the office area. Making this your first step communicates… Continue reading

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Coffee Maker & Breakroom Supplies

Breakroom Supplies Bunn Coffee MakerThere used to be a time when buying a coffee maker and other breakroom supplies didn’t require much forethought. With all of the options available today, however, that is no longer the case. So we wanted to simplify the process once again by offering up our office supply store’s basic coffeemaker buying guide.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which type of coffee maker would be best for your office setting. In order to narrow down your options, think about how much coffee your staff is apt to drink and for how long. Those factors will help you select a machine with the right capacity, warming temperature and brew time. You’ll also want to take into account the machine’s set-up requirements and its physical dimensions. They’ll help you determine whether or not your break room has the electricity, plumbing and space requirements needed to accommodate the… Continue reading

Best 5 Office Supplies for Reducing Employee Sick Days in 2014

Have your employees been seemingly taking turns at being out sick this winter? If so, you are probably not alone. Each year, a great number of people contract seasonal colds, allergies and the flu while at work. On a positive note, there are office supplies and actions that you can take to help keep everyone healthy.

Hand Dryers & Antimicrobial Soaps

One of the best ways to help your valued employees remain in good health this year is to make sure that the bathrooms and break areas are adequately stocked with three things. Those three things are anti-microbial or anti-septic soaps, soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers. You may also want to post hand washing signs in those areas too. Collectively, they should help your staff keep their hands free of dirt and disease causing agents.

Hand Sanitizers & Wipes

Over the years, multiple studies have shown that the… Continue reading

Green Office Supplies: The Importance of Using CFC Free Products

Have you ever looked at an office supplies listing and noticed the words “CFC free?” If so, you may have wondered what it meant and why it was worth mentioning. Well today, we are going to answer both questions for you.

CFC is actually an abbreviation. It refers to organic compounds known as chlorofluorocarbons. They are comprised of chlorine, fluorine and carbon. At one time, many manufacturers’ products contained CFCs. However, that has since changed and for one very important reason.

Although it is an organic compound, CFCs have been known to cause great damage to the environment. As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency’s research has shown that the compound helped to create a hole in our earth’s ozone layer.

The ozone layer begins roughly 9 miles above ground. It contains high amounts of oxygen and helps to protect us from cancer causing, ultraviolet rays. Scientists noticed… Continue reading

Office Supplies History: A Peek at the Iconic Pencil and Eraser

pencilBack before there were touch screens and delete buttons, humans relied on pencils and erasers to record their important thoughts. So for a long time, that made those products two of the most important office supplies a person could have. Today, despite all of our modern technology, they continue to show up in offices worldwide. That’s what led us to wonder about their origins.

By all historical accounts it seems that pencils, as we know them today, were an English invention from the late 1500s. The very first one was said to have been made in Cumbria, England thanks to a fortuitous discovery of the Seathwaite graphite mine. Prior to that time, people used other instruments for writing.

Although people started manufacturing pencils in the 1500s, no one thought to patent them until much later. That distinction belongs to a Frenchman by the name of Nicolas-Jacques Conte. He… Continue reading