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easy office organization tipsAs you look around the office, are you wishing it was organized better? Maybe there isn’t time for a massive overhaul, so here are five easy office organization tips for you.

Everyone’s personality is different, and if you are the type who can work with piles of paper, you may want to take time to organize similar projects or categories together using simple office supplies. Use binder clips to hold groups of paper together, or buy a few extra paper trays and label them. This way you have instantly organized piles.

Wires and cables snaking everywhere looks messy and can be hazardous. You can make the office look more organized by just concealing those wires inside a cable organizer. This one simple tip is cost effective and makes the whole work station feel tidier.

Use a desk organizer for frequently used items like scissors, stapler, pens, letter opener, etc. A desk organizer allows you to put those items all in one place instead of spread across your desk surface. There are many available, even ones that are adjustable. You can put this on top of a filing cabinet, on the back of a desk, or on top of a shelf.

Desk drawers can quickly become disorganized, especially if you’re the type to swoop your desk clean when you’re in a hurry. Keep all those paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips and other small things in their own space with a desk organizer to store them all. That way they aren’t mixed up in your desk drawer. Once those drawers are organized, you might get inspired to organize the rest of the office.

Sticky note syndrome – some people have this; they write quick thoughts on a small sticky note and adhere it to their monitor, workstation wall, desktop, or wherever is convenient. If you walk past their workstation, it’s an array of colorful little notes everywhere! A small whiteboard or bulletin board can take care of that paper clutter problem, or if you’re feeling adventuresome, start a digital list using simple applications built into most computers (some even have sticky notes for your computer, if you can’t get rid of the syndrome).

Organizing an office is easy, just requires purchasing a few supplies, and the key is to create a visually efficient workspace to motivate you!