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With spring cleaning on the minds of many, we wanted to spend a bit of time talking about dust and humankind’s war against it. Dust, as we all know, has been a part of this planet since the world was born. It contains tiny fragments of everything from dandruff and dust mites to plant pollen. As for the office supplies used to whisk it away, they are actually just as diverse. And a few are also pretty ancient.

Let’s take the broom as an example. It’s one of the few cleaning supplies mentioned in the New Testament (Luke15:8). So that gives you an idea of how old brooms are. At the time, they were said to be crafted out of whichever natural materials were readily available (i.e. palm fronds, bundles of sticks and straw). It wasn’t until the late 1700s that high quality broom-making in America became an art.

What changed broom-making to an art form? Some attribute it to a Massachusetts man by the name of Levi Dickenson. He’s credited with making the first mass produced broom. It was made out of broom corn, also known as sorghum. Once people saw what he had done, they capitalized on it.

Lawrence P. Ray and Floyd R. Hipkins were two of the men that eventually capitalized on Dickerson’s invention. Ray came up with the dust pan and Hipkins improved on the janitorial office supplies’ staple, the push-broom. In later years, other people even went so far as to invent brooms with synthetic bristles, cloth dust mops and Swiffer Sweepers.

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