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Breakroom Supplies Bunn Coffee MakerThere used to be a time when buying a coffee maker and other breakroom supplies didn’t require much forethought. With all of the options available today, however, that is no longer the case. So we wanted to simplify the process once again by offering up our office supply store’s basic coffeemaker buying guide.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which type of coffee maker would be best for your office setting. In order to narrow down your options, think about how much coffee your staff is apt to drink and for how long. Those factors will help you select a machine with the right capacity, warming temperature and brew time. You’ll also want to take into account the machine’s set-up requirements and its physical dimensions. They’ll help you determine whether or not your break room has the electricity, plumbing and space requirements needed to accommodate the coffee maker.

When you are finished thinking about those things, you can start looking for coffee makers that are ideally suited to meet those needs. For instance, pourover coffee makers tend to be popular with firms that fall in the small to medium range. That’s because the machines are typically able to generate up to 520 ounces of coffee per hour. They are also generally portable and do not require access to a water line.

Two great products that fall into that category are BUNN’s Pour-O-Matic Two Burner and Three Burner Pourover Coffee Brewers. Both of the stainless steel, pourover coffee makers can produce 100 cups of coffee in an hour’s time and are easy to operate. They also tend to clean up quickly and don’t require separate plumbing lines.

Large scale offices, on the other hand, may be better served by high volume coffee machine urns and liquid coffee dispensers. They are often able to generate 3,200 ounces of coffee per hour and keep it warm too. As such, you tend to see them in break rooms that are used by 350 to 400 people a day.

Of course there are also coffee urns that generate smaller amounts too. The Coffee Pro 100-Cup Percolating Urn is one of them. What’s nice about the Coffee Pro Company’s percolating urn is that it features a drip-less safety spigot, volume sight glass and built-in filter baskets. That makes it easy to operate and less expensive to use as opposed to some other coffee urns.

Once you’ve whittled down your list of options, compare the remaining coffee makers’ special features, warranties, cost and availability of coffee supplies. Afterward, you should be able to easily determine which coffee maker and breakroom supplies would make perfect additions to your firm’s break room. Officeville recently added Papa Nichols coffee to our available breakroom supplies – so far the review comments we’ve received about Papa Nichols have been great!

If you need more information about selecting a coffee maker and the breakroom supplies to go with it, please feel free to contact our Officeville Family. We’d love to help make your office life easier.